What Matters to Me and Why Lunch Discussion

“What Matters to Me, and Why” is a luncheon series where the RIT community can enjoy a deeper, personal look into the lives of faculty, students and staff. Sponsored by the Spirituality Committee of RIT, this informal conversation about the personal values and vision of our guest invites each of us to reflect on our own values, visions, and journeys.

Tuesday October 17
Campus Center 2nd Floor Reading Room
Pizza and Soda Provided
Interpreters can be requested at https://myaccess.rit.edu.

Bio of speaker:
Michael Laver is chair and associate professor of history at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he teaches East Asian history as well as a course on the history of Christianity. His research focuses primarily on the Dutch East India Company, and more broadly, early modern Japan. His most recent book is entitled The Sakoku Edicts and the Politics of Tokugawa Legitimacy, published by Cambria Press in 2011, although he has another book that is, like the eschaton, “always but coming.” Michael is an ordained deacon in the Episcopal church and will be ordained a priest in December of this year. Someone thought it a good idea to call Michael to serve as pastor to the good people of Saint John’s Episcopal Church in Sodus, NY. Michael lives in downtown Rochester with his wife Annie and his two boys Bennie and Old Hambone. If he had free time, Michael would enjoy reading, sipping mimosas, and thinking deeply about why it is that flammable and inflammable mean the same thing. Michael will share with us “What Matters to Me, and Why.”

Phyllis Wade

Event Snapshot
When and Where
Tuesday, October 17, 2017
12:30 PM-1:30 PM
Reading Room

Open to the Public

Interpreter Requested