Seminar: Solving the Gender Fairness Issue on the Force Concept Inventory

Science and Mathematics Educational Research Collaborative (SMERC) and the Center for the Advancement of STEM Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation (CASTLE) are hosting guest speaker, Dr. Rebecca Lindell from Tiliadal STEM Education Solutions.


Solving the Gender Fairness Issue on the Force Concept Inventory:

Understanding the Roles, Validity, Reliability, and Fairness


Dr. Rebecca Lindell

Founder and Director

Tiliadal STEM Education Solutions

Lfayette, Indiana



In the last twenty plus years of my career in DBER, PER and AER, my teaching has focused on the fundamental question of, how do we know what we know. I have discovered that this is fundamental to my  research as well. Whenever we present DBER results, we, as researchers, must answer how valid, reliable and fair are our conclusions to allow consumers of the research to determine how generalizable and appropriate the results are for them. In this talk, I will communicate the nature of validity, reliability, and fairness, as well as provide examples of each in both qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research. Specifically, I will focus on how establishing fairness pertains to DBER with the discussion of my and other researchers work on gender fairness on the Force Concept Inventory (FCI). Finally, I will discuss how standards of development of these Research-based Conceptual Learning Assessment Instruments (RB-CLAI) are necessary for future developers to ensure more valid, reliable and fair instruments.


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Event Snapshot
When and Where
Wednesday, June 5, 2019
2:00 PM-3:00 PM
Thomas Gosnell Hall

Open to the Public

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