Chemistry Seminar - Nomenclature of the Rings

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Nomenclature of the Rings

Dr. Hans Schmitthenner
Research Faculty
School of Chemistry and Materials Science, RIT

When is the last time you were in a coffee shop and the others at your table were discussing “Why are there four pyrroles and a benzimidazole in vitamin B-12 and in hemoglobin it’s an imidazole?”, then they tried to move into a discussion on tetrazoles used in “click chemistry” and you said ”Wait…what ? What’s a tetrazole, and what’s a benzimidawhat ?!“

Many years ago in various group meetings in the pharma world, pharmacologists kept expressing frustrations at the way the medicinal chemists kept using the names of heterocycles to describe the compounds. So a short class was designed for them, and the younger chemists – to bring them up to speed. It is something that is not typically taught at an undergraduate level, and even a seasoned chemist may not know how to refer to them if they weren’t brought up in this world of heterocycles.

So – this is a teaching class, with some interesting tidbits, some chemistry learnings, a couple of interesting pharma stories and some dad-humor built in to bring everyone up to speed on heterocycles – and how to name them. It’s a subset of the novel, “Lord of the Rings”…which I think would be a great job title.

Shoot me an email and I will send you the PowerPoint ahead of time so that you can follow along (and make note-taking super easy).

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Schmitthenner has had a life-long passion for Chemistry. After receiving an S.B. (that’s correct) from M.I.T., and Ph.D. from Penn State in the dark ages, he was a post-doc at the U. of R., assistant professor at St. John Fisher College, then a process and medicinal chemist at Pennwalt, Fisons, Astra and AstraZeneca (pharmaceutical companies in Rochester). He then found a home at Kodak doing purifications and analytical troubleshooting for everyone, then spun out with Carestream Molecular Imaging before he landed at RIT in 2011, where all of these backgrounds were combined in his sandbox (present research lab) and mosh pit (teaching activities).

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Event Snapshot
When and Where
Tuesday, November 12, 2019
12:30 PM-1:45 PM
Thomas Gosnell Hall

Open to the Public

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