How do I navigate through the RIT Events Calendar?

The main page of the Events Calendar site lists, by default, all events for the current date. Additional details for any event, such as cost or contacts, can be viewed by clicking the event name. 

Using the filters in the left sidebar is also a great, time-efficient way to navigate around on the site (see "How do I search for events in the RIT Events Calendar?").

There are a few important pages on our site, to which the links are located at the top of the page:

  • Home: the main Events Calendar page
  • Subscribe: sign up to be notified as soon as events are published
  • Submit an Event: fill out a form to have your event registered in our calendar (see "How can I add an event to the RIT Events Calendar?")
  • Academic Calendar: the calendar for the entirety of the current academic year at RIT
How do I search for events in the RIT Events Calendar?

To ease the searching process, filters are available for your use at the left sidebar. Simply make the appropriate selection for each filter and click "Search," or "Reset" to erase and try again. You may use as many of the provided filters to narrow down your search results - more specific search terms can fetch more accurate results.

For keywords, however, it is recommended to use one descriptive word (or a combination of words) rather than long phrases. Some examples are: "breakfast," "game," "hockey game," etc.

You can also use the mini-calendar, above the filters section, to view events for one particular date. In contrast, the Date Range fields retrieve events between any two dates.

How can I add an event to the RIT Events Calendar?


Student events are submitted to the RIT Events Calendar by the Center of Campus Life, only they haven't been registered in the Event Registration Office.

Please take the following steps in order to have your event posted on the RIT Events Calendar:

  1. Make your room reservation. You must be a recognized student organization of a matriculated student at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

    Please contact the SAU Reservations Office (Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM) by visiting the office behind the SAU Information Desk, or by calling 475-6992 (v/TTY). Some facilities may require contact with other departments, but the SAU Reservations staff will be able to assist you.
  2. Register your event in the Event Registration Office.

    Registration must begin at least 12 working days before the event. Event Registration (EVR) is also located behind the SAU Information Desk. EVR is open Monday through Friday, from 1 PM to 4 PM during the academic year.
  3. As the Responsible Representative, you will be responsible for monitoring your e-mail and taking the initiative to provide further information if requested. 

    Please not that there may be a delay between the time you register your event and the time it is posted on the calendar. Visit the EVR Office during our open hours if you have any questions.


Events submitted to the RIT Events Calendar by Faculty or Staff are forwarded to the Office of Government and Community Relations for evaluation. Events will only appear on the calendar once evaluated and approved.

For questions about submitted events, please contact Denise Acton at