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Event Details
Event Name: IEEE Distinguished Lecture
Category: Academic/College Events
Sub Category: GCCIS
Description: Title: Trends in High-Level Information Fusion
Time: Rochester Institute of Technology, Nov 5, 2013 at 2-5pm
Location: GOL-1400
Presenter: Erik Blasch, AFRL, Information Directorate
Distinguished Lecturer IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society

The High-Level Information Fusion (HLIF) lecture describes the developments over the past decade on concepts, papers, needs, and grand challenges for practical system designs. This lecture brings together the contemporary concepts, models, and definitions to give the attendee a summary of the state-of-the-art in HLIF research (e.g., situation awareness and interface design between man-machine information fusion systems). Analogies from low-level information fusion (LLIF) of object tracking and identification are extended to the HLIF concepts of situation/impact assessment and process/user refinement. HLIF theories (operational, functional, formal, cognitive) are mapped to representations (semantics, ontologies, axiomatics, and agents) with contemporary issues of modeling, testbeds, evaluation, and human-machine interfaces. Discussions with examples of search and rescue, cyber analysis, and surveillance are presented. The attendee will gain an appreciation of HLIF through the topic organization from the perspectives of numerous authors, practitioners, and developers of information fusion systems. The lecture is organized as per the recent text: E. P. Blasch, E. Bosse, and D. A. Lambert, Information Fusion Theory and Representations, Artech House, April 2012, of (1) HLIF theories (2) HLIF representations in information fusion testbeds, and (3) HLIF supporting elements of human system interaction, scenario-based design, and HLIF evaluation.

ERIK BLASCH (S98-M99-SM05) is a principal scientist at the the US Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) in the Information Directorate at Rome, NY. He is currently an IEEE distinguished lecturer. He is also a Fellow of SPIE and an Associate Fellow of AIAA.
Schedules: 11/05/2013   (2:00 PM - 5:00 PM)
Golisano Auditorium

Contact: Dr. Kaiqi Xiong
Cost: Cost - Free